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Maija Loukari- marimekko fabric designs

Maija Louekari

Maija Louekari’s designs exhibit a marked sense of location, time and space. She has portrayed both the crowds of metropolises and traditional Finnish landscapes in a highly vivid manner. Her expressive line drawings and large planes of colour combine to create a strong impression of three-dimensionality.

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me and amber @ kiitos living by design, Barwon Heads

marimekko ,Spring/Summer 2011 at taste of things to come

Kiitos Living by Design Barwon Heads Australia

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Marimekko Corporation is a leading Finnish textile and clothing design company that was established in 1951. The company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality clothing, interior decoration textiles, bags and other accessories under the Marimekko brand, both in Finland and abroad.

famous women love marimekko

marimekko the brand of choice for style icon, Jaqueline Kennedy, who brought seven marimekko dresses and  and, wore them throughout JFK's Presidential campaign She was famously snapped in a simple pink outfit alongside her husband for the cover of Sports Illustrated.  
Carrie Bradshaw, of Sex in the City, wore a marimekko dress in the series and  had marimekko curtains in her apartment.

Why not purchase marimekko fabric from kiitos living by design, Barwon Heads Australia and make your own marimekko curtains.

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marimekko fabric online sales -Australia

Kiitos living by design, your online store for all marimekko fabric in Australia.
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marimekko fabric retails from $75.00 per meter.

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Marimekko Shower Curtains @ kiitos living by design Barwon Heads Austrlia

Its spring and the sun is still hesitant about making an appearance,but that is no reason not to engage in Spring time activities like sorting out "stuff" and redecorating a tired looking bathroom!

The easiest way to add a splash, pardon the pun, of colour, in the bathroom is to redecorate with a new marimekko shower curtain!

The marimekko shower curtain range is bright and cheerful, and possibly the cheapest option when it comes to giving your bathroom a new lease of life. Ok ok we admit, new towels look great in the bathroom and marimekko has a fantastic range to choose from.

Why not call into our store in Barwon Heads and check out the  marimekko shower curtain range.

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Marimekko Wallpaper available at Kiitos Living by Design Geelong Australia

Marimekko Wallpaper Catalog NOW in store at Kiitos Living by Design, Barwon Heads.
Barwon Heads is a 1.5 hour drive from Melbourne & 15 minuets from Geelong
Gift registry available at Kiitos Living by Design, Barwon Heads. www.kiitos.com.au

Toywatch part of the range at ,Kiitos Living by Design, Barwon Heads, Victoria, Australia,